So on friday we got another express overnight letter from the Church Travel department saying that I’m actually going to the MEXICO CITY MTC!!!!!!!! Holy smokes…. also, I’m leaving on Tuesday now instead of Wednesday.

So basically now the Lima MTC is outrageously full like the Provo MTC so they had to rearrange last-minute a couple of kids’ schedules. I ended up being one of the few who were rerouted to go spend our 6 weeks in Mexico. I still don’t have my Peruvian visa, and if I don’t get it after that training time then i suppose I have to go back to the States to serve there in a Spanish-speaking area. But I think I’ll have my visa by then though (I mean I really should, it’s been like 5 months!) and hopefully I’ll get to fly straight down to Lima after that! So exciting!

I’ve never been so scared and pumped at the same time. It’s all coming so soon!

Also, shout-out to my sister Caroline who received her call Friday and has just been assigned to the Richmond, Virginia mission! So awesome to be going at the same time as her, almost.

Enjoy some traditional Peruvian music!



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