¡Buenas Dias

Good Morning!
THis keyboard is really hard to type on because it is so different! I think I might have to stop using capitol letters because there’s pretty much only one shift button.
So I am here in the CCM right now.  {CCM means MTC in Spanish} It is B-E-A-Utiful. Yo you  guys should see my badge, it’s so awesome. Also I will send you a lot of pictures next tuesday on my P-day.
When I got into the airport I met some very sweet sisters who were in the same position as me (didn{t have badges yet, same flight, etc.) Everyone was so excited and friendly to each other and I fit right in. Most of the sisters and Elders are going to Chilean missions. Maybe 4 of the Elders’ missions are in Texas though! I found only one other sister in my same mission — she’s 20 and named Sister Capp. There were about 7 sisters and 20 or so elders on our same flights. You wouldn{t believe how much we bonded in our 20 hours together.
On the flight to Atlanta I sat in the middle of 3 seats between an older woman and a man in his late 20s. When I first sat down, the man asked me a bit about how mission calls and the MTC work. The woman turned out to be a temple worker at the Oquirrah (spelling?) Mountain temple. she told me her whole life story. It was a long flight. Atlanta has more trees than I’ve ever seen in my life. While waiting for our flight to Mexico City one elder literally placed a Book of Mormon with a mexican woman in the airport. It was really cool, especially because he didn’t have his badge yet! This group of elders have a great sense of humor though, they’re a real hoot.
I was able to snag a window seat in the very last row in the plane on my way to Mexico City.
It was an amazing flight, especially flying over a bit of the ocean. Mexico has mountains but they{re different — they{re a light terra cotta orange with sparse black vegetation. There are VERY many farms outside of the city, which is ENORMOUS and GORGEOUS! Los apartamentos y las casas are yellow, violet, red, turquoise, green, blue, orange… so bright! Every single rooftop is painted a rusty red, too. Even the entire sides of some multi-story buildings are completely painted red.> Everything is really close together.
The roads are crazy. After customs, our group waited in the airport for almost 2 hours for our bus to the CCM (one hour away) because apparently there was some miscommunication in the Church Travel center and the CCM thought we were supposed to arrive at midnight (we arrived at like 6 mexico time). The temperature here so far is perfecto! Not too humid at all. It’s foggy. The city is facinating. They have these trains that weave next to the freeways that are BRIGHT ORANGE and boxy. The bus ride over here was super sketchy and it made me feel a bit sick — I saw maybe 400 and a half near accidents. Nobody signals when they change lanes. When we got here all of the CCM workers (who only speak spanish, pretty much) wouldn{t let us sisters unload our own luggage and such. They{re SUPER cordial and polite. It{s awesome.
My companion today is Sister Bokovoy from my flight and she’s SUPER sweet. But I also have a second companion because poor Sister Capp, who’s in my same mission, was literally mistaken for an Elder in the system!!! She was assigned a male companion and her name tag says “Elder Capp”…… hahahahaha! So she’s sticking with us. She says it{s because her first name is Berrett.
I just ate the weirdest thing for breakfast today. There were these píeces of cut up fruit that looked like BRIGHT ORANGE cantelope and tasted like….. tomatoes and cantelope combined. It was not that great. I went up to a mexican hermana and said “¿Que es esto, Hermana?” and she stared at me like I was crazy and said “¿eh, papaya?” Turns out I know more spanish that I thought — it{s all coming out of the cracks now because my brain is on survival mode. Also because I{ve been set apart as una misonera!! I felt so proud, when this mexican man was unloading my luggage I was like “Dos azul y uno negro. Si. uno mas. Si. ¡Muchos gracias, hermano!” Pretty good for being like an infant here, if I say so myself.
I have to go do some stuff right now. We have ***classes*** omigosh.
I’ll right you guys on 2sday
¡Muchos amor!
Hermana Hollberg
P.S.  Also, every 15 minutes is scheduled for the whole six weeks!!!And my house is p i n k   :)


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