On my way!

So I’m allowed to email briefly today because I’m leaving…… TONIGHT! TO PERÙ! So pumped. I leave and get on a bus to go to the airport at 7 pm and then my flight leaves at midnight. We arrive in Perù at 6 am tomorrow.  Everyone in my district is gone except for us 4 perù kids and Elder Steiner.  Last night we sang God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again and literally everyone was crying—-teachers, Elders, everyone.  I hope so much that I will see them all again in this life. Spending hundreds of hours with the same people, sharing your testimonies and your heart and soul with each other… I wish the best for everyone in my district and I am so thankful that I was placed here to learn and to grow with these specific Elders and Sisters.
Woah we just had an earthquake! That’s like the fourth one!
Anyway I’m so excited and so ready to be going. So ready to start the work. I’m so excited to immerse myself in the language and the country. I know it’ll be really hard at first but the Lord works his ways through the meek of the earth and He can mold us into the missionaries that we need to be for these people.  I’m not afraid of how hard it will be because I have His spirit with me :)
I hope you all are well. All of you seriously give me so much support and I’m undeserving of it. Thank you so much. I pray for all of you guys and hope that you are safe and well. If there is anything that I can do for you, let me know.
¡Con amor!
¡Hasta mañana!
Hna. Hollberg


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