I’m here and safe!

(We received this brief note on Tuesday 8/27/13)

“I’m here in Lima right now in the Mission office—–we are receiving some general information and training meetings and then we will be off with our new companions! We left the Mexico CCM last night at 7 and left the Lima Airport this morning at about 7. I slept maybe 4 hours… it was pretty rough, and today and yesterday are blending together but it’s ok because I’m so excited and I’m so ready to be here! I just had a meeting with the President and he’s the BEST. I’m so happy. The CCM presidency were a little… unapproachable but the Borgs here in this mission are everything that I could have asked for.

This week is definitely going to be a bit of culture shock, I wish I could show you pictures of this place. It’s crazy. Everything is crazy. But know that I am safe! Thanks for everything! I’ll write you guys on Monday which is my P-day!”

Hna. Hollberg


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