Letter from President and Sister Borg

Dear Family,

We are delighted to report to you that your daughter, Sister Hannah Marie Hollberg, has arrived to begin her service in La Misión Perú Lima Central.  She looks great, is healthy, and is very excited to begin her service. We are thrilled to receive her and we will take good care of her.  It was our privilege to share breakfast and lunch with her while she was being interviewed and trained in the mission office.

Arrival in Lima 8-27-13


Sister Hollberg has been assigned to an area and her companion is Sister Suqui.  Please be assured that these assignments are not made randomly, but are a matter of serious pondering and prayer.

Because of the geographical size of our mission, Sister Hollberg was introduced to all of our missionaries at a general meeting held in a local stake house that same afternoon.  There she met and was joined with her new companion and trainer, Sister Suqui.

We thank you for the support that you give to your daughter during her mission.  Sister Hollberg will look forward to positive, uplifting letters from home.  We ask that she corresponds with you weekly, and we encourage you to do the same, using the e-mail address she will give you if you do not already have it (the same one she used at the CCM).

We will watch over your daughter during this time in which she will be serving the Lord in this important work.  We also know that your family will be blessed by her service.  If there are any emergencies that need to be forwarded to Sister Hollberg, please use the telephone number or e-mail address listed above.


Con Cariño,


Alan M Borg 


Hermana Patricia Borg  

Misión Perú Lima Central



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