Week 3 still some adjustments

Hey guys! What’s crack-a-lackin’?

So this week we went to a baptism of one of the bishop’s nieces. I think I’ll talk about it more in the next letter but it was great. Hermana Wardle was there, you can see her in the picture! She’s the best. She’s seriously like my role model right now.  (Note from Mom:  Hermana Wardle is a sister missionary also in Lima who has a blog Hannah found and read before she left.  She’s in the turquoise sweater in the picture below.  Hannah always wondered if she might meet her.  You can see her blog at http://hermanawardle.wordpress.com/)

Also, one of our friends in the ward is a hairdresser and this week we were visiting him and giving him a little message when suddenly he was like ”do you want a haircut for your bangs?” I didn’t want to seem rude and I kind of did need a trim so I said yes but I think he did it too short…….. haha oh well it’s ok because I’m not here to look cute.

The second picture is of us yesterday with two other sisters in our zone and one of my favorite members of our ward too — she and her family are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Like a postcard family for the church, I swear.


So this week has gone by faster than all of the others so far, which is great. It’s been like a rollercoaster. Honestly I’ve had some of the highest highs and the lowest lows of my mission so far.

For instance, I have been really struggling this week with homesickness, I’m not going to lie.  I have never felt homesick in my entire life until now and it’s really surreal.  At times, it can be really crippling but I have been working SO HARD to fight it off.  Whenever I start to feel a little lonely I tell myself to ”live for today”!  Right now is my mission, and I can never take back these days — NOW is the time to change and to grow and to learn and to become the best person I can be!!  Missions are SO BEAUTIFUL!  When I do this, I feel so much joy.

Yesterday (Sunday), I felt like a little hand was on my shoulder the whole day, helping me find power and excitement for the work.  I was feeling a bit sad because in Stake Conference they were playing Tabernacle Choir music in English and it was BEAUTIFUL.  It made me think of our ward back home and how Caroline’s farewell was going on at the same time.  But every time I opened my scriptures, I found a beautiful and comforting thought that made me feel so much comfort and peace.  I have felt so much love from my family, my friends, my companion, my zone, the members here and Heavenly Father this week and I don’t know if I’d be able to make it without all of you guys.  This work is hard but I find so much joy when I teach!  I have never felt happier in my life when a member or investigator can feel the Spirit in our lessons :)  Honestly!!!  Everything is so foreign and so far away from everything I’ve known but it’s ok because I have my testimony.  And that’s the same, no matter what.  The Lord has called me here because He knows that I can succeed.  I have faith in that.

I can’t write really any more but I really love you guys.  Please, take care! Know that I am well!  Next week I can write more and tell you all about some of the CRAZY stories of things that have happened!!!!!  The church is true!

Much love,


This last p-day we went SHOPPING at La Marina and HOLY CAOOOOOWWWW There are SOOO many GORGEOUS THINGS you can’t even believe it. There were so many beautiful little things that I knew you would just LOVE! We got so much stuff and we only spent like a tiny bit of money. Everything is so cheap and it’s awesome! My companionship, one other and another sister all got little matching peruvian shoes and they’re super cute. Attached is a picture of some of our booty. My favorite is these two little dolls and a llama made with real llama fur. It’s really dense and super soft. Also, they have like 500 kinds of bananas here, some of them are teeny tiny (they fit in your hand, even smaller than the picture) and others are HUGE. I like the smallest ones the best because the flavor is the most concentrated.
Ok so the other day we had lunch at the house of this lady in our ward and she gave us this GORGEOUS, DELICIOUS fruit treat of fresh strawberries, bananas and over the top was either evaporated milk or concentrated milk I can’t remember what it’s called in English but it was HEAVENLY.  You have to try it.  Just those three ingredients.  Her house was SOOO NICE all of us were in awe to be there, including me.  Which was funny because it was a normal, upper middle class apartment on American standards.  I was blown away too.  Sometimes I forget how much lower the standard of living is here than back home.  Hermana Seclen and Custodio are the other sisters in our ward and they have lunch with us every Saturday, Sunday, and often p-days too.  They are the CUTEST but this is their last transfer before their mission is over.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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