Weekly Email!

(Note from Mom:  For some reason we didn’t receive Hannah’s email this week – but I later found it in my junk emails. (?!?!)  I didn’t expect that since all her other emails have come through just fine.  So this is what she sent us last Monday September 30.)



Things are still going strong here in Peru!  The weeks are just flying by. Hermana Suqui and I are teaching like crazy, and walking about twice as much!  It’s a good thing that we get so much exercise because practically every person we meet tries to give us food.  It’s awesome!  We get to save more of our money because we almost get all of our meals from the members.  Everyone is so generous here in Jesus Maria! I’m so glad to be in this sector.

One time, a member took us out to eat at a little Mexican restaurant.  It was so bizarre because when we sat down to order, everyone was lost except for me.  I had to explain to them what a burrito was.  A burrito!  It’s elementary!  Mexican food practically IS American food.  It wasn’t Café Rio quality but it was so nice to have a little piece of home.

Three of my favorite plates here: Lomo Saltado a lo Pollo, Papa Rellena and Olluco.  If any of you guys are bored and feel like whipping up an easy Peruvian dish, make one of these puppies.  It will change your world.  Especially the Lomo Saltado.  I could eat it every day.  Also, it’s true that some of the world’s best Chinese food is here.  You wouldn’t think it, but there are a lot of Asian descendants here!  It’s not uncommon to find a person named ”Pedro Chung” or ”Jose Song”.

More weird things that I’ve eaten recently: Cow heart!  Little pieces on a skewer, like a shish kabob.  Super rich, super delicious.

I experienced the 5th earthquake of my life this week, and I actually felt this one!  It was nuts because we were in a meeting with the Mission President and all of the blinds started shaking like crazy.  We didn’t know what to do!  It only lasted about 15 seconds though.

Hermana Suqui and I are finally starting to see some of the fruits of our efforts here in Jesus Maria.  We have had to start from ground zero but we’ve worked our way up and we’re doing all we can to help less active members and non-members.  We have done three separate service projects this week — we cleaned someone’s house, we re-painted some windows and yesterday we helped someone move out of their house!  We have seen some serious miracles with our investigators.

No more time to write but I send all of my love!!!






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