How is everybody doing?!?!??

How’s everybody doing???

I’m pleased to announce that yesterday I passed my two month mark here in Jesus Maria.  It feels like it’s been both two thousand years and two seconds.  It’s crazy.

This week has been pretty interesting.  It’s certainly had it’s ups and downs.  I fell quite ill on Monday night and I was down for 2 days, stuck in the house.  I don’t know what I had, but I had a pretty high fever and every bone in my body seemed like it wanted to separate from every other bone.  It was super painful and I got really really discouraged.  I almost had to go to the clinic, but on the second day, I received a priesthood blessing from my zone leaders and by the end of the night, my appetite was back and I felt SO much better.  I felt literally healed.  My testimony of the priesthood has grown soooo much since I’ve come on the mission!

We were supposed to have that baptism last Saturday but we had to push it back a month because he’s a minor and his mom really doesn’t want him to feel pressured to be baptized (especially because his brother is a member already).  Of course we totally understand, but it’s too bad because Klein has SUCH a strong testimony and it’s totally HIS desire to join the church.  This week we’re encouraging him to talk to his mom and explain personally that these desires really are his.  He’s so great, honestly, he could teach us.  There are so many strong people here in Lima, so many great examples.

We didn’t have that baptism, but we are going to have another one this Saturday!  It was crazy!  His name is Jordan, and he’s just about to turn 23.  We taught him for the first time in maybe my first or second week here, and he loved it, but then he dropped off of the face of the planet.  We didn’t know where he went and no matter what we did we couldn’t get a hold of him!  Out of nowhere this week, we heard that he had been attending church at another ward the whole time, and that he had been trying to contact us but didn’t have enough time.  His schedule freed up this last week and we were able to teach him again.  As soon as we saw him and started to ask him how he was, he said ”I’m so sorry that I haven’t kept in touch, I feel really bad, but I’m going to be baptized!!  I know for myself that the church is true!”  We were really taken back.  Such a miracle!  He didn’t even need us!  So true though, it’s the Spirit that teaches, not us.  Anyway he wants to be baptized ASAP so we have to teach him like two lessons in every time we see him so he can be ready for this Saturday.  It’s been such pleasure to work with both Jordan and Klein this last week.

Yeah, on the mission it’s true that we literally leave everything from our former lives to serve.  We dedicate ourselves to live with half a million strict rules to share the Spirit.  I’ll tell you guys, there’s nothing cooler in the whole world than bearing your testimony to someone, saying ”I know that this is true because I really feel it.  Every time I read, every time I pray, I feel a presence and a peace in my heart,” and hearing the investigator say to you, ”I…. feel it too.  Right now!  I feel something, right here, in my heart.  I feel so much peace and tranquility.”  We teach people how to feel the Holy Ghost, how to recognize an answer or a manifestation from God, and then the rest comes quickly.  God loves every single one of us, in the same way that our parents love us and we love them, and He will answer every single one of our prayers if our desires are sincere and we let him answer.  The mission is such a blessing.  I have learned so much and I have seen my character and spirituality grow mountains.  Honestly, I think we missionaries are overpaid in blessings for the work.

I hope all is going well in the good old US of A.  I’m having a good time and I’m learning a ton.  Thank you everybody for the emails and for the support!!!!!!!!!!!
Hasta luego
hna Hollberg

Happy Birthday to Tom!!

Happy Birthday to Tom!!




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