This will probably be the shortest weekly letter yet‏

Stuff is alright. This has definitely been the most stressful week of my mission, hands down. I was about to pull my hair out last night. There are about five million things that are floating around in my head at all times of things I have to do, people I have to see, and things I have to improve about myself and my teaching. We are ridiculously busy right now. Added to all of that, I´m directing a sector (meaning that I´m leading the planning and teaching of every lesson each day) because my companion is new to Jesus Maria and doesn´t know any of the members, investigators, streets, etc. yet.  I kind of feel like within the last 7 days the salvation of like 5 thousand people has landed onto my shoulders… he he heh yeeah. If anyone has any great de-stressing activities I am so open ears right now. But that´s the mission life. I just can´t let it get to me.

(easier said than done. working on that one.)

We did have two baptisms last week though! One of them didn´t count for the mission because the little girl was 8 years old — we just helped them plan it out and we taught her a couple lessons to get her ready —



But our dear Cesar was baptized on Saturday and it was SUCH a beautiful service. Cesar told us that he had been feeling like God wanted him to stay in Lima for a little while longer (his daughters live in Trujillo which is really far away and he´s really missed them) and he didn´t know why but he said that he thinks it was because he was supposed to ”receive this message.” After the ordinance, the first thing he said when he came out of the water was ”Por fin, ¡soy libre!” (“At last!  I’m free!”) He also said that there was not a doubt in his mind that the church is true. I´m so proud of him. We´ve seen some serious miracles with him.


Also Hermana Suqui got permission to come in and see his baptism. It was SOOO great to see her, I really love that girl. I´ve missed her like crazy in this week.

My new companion is Hermana Bennett — she is from Provo, believe it or not!



Everyone was sooo surprised that they put two gringas together. It´s really unusual because it´s more dangerous and it´s harder to learn the language. Not to mention we get ripped off in stores way more. But this whole cambio (transfer) was crazy different. Every single sister in the mission had a change except for two. It´s because we´re going to receive a TON of new sisters in the next cambio. There´s a chance that I might train — that´s how many we´ll be receiving. I´ll probably be leaving Jesus Maria though, in 6 weeks. But Hermana Bennett is really sweet, and super hilarious! She has a great sense of humor. She´s been in the mission for 7 months. I´m glad to have her as my companion. It´s interesting to see how you can learn completely different lessons from different people. Hermana Bennett is a really sweet girl and she has no trouble making friends with everybody on the street. Hopefully some of this will rub off on me :)

The weather is getting nicer here. I have a feeling that the summer here is going to be pretty blistering. I just remembered that we´re only 12 degrees from the equator… wow. Today as I was looking out on the ocean though…. I don´t know. I really feel so helpless sometimes. I miss you guys back home and I worry about the problems you have. There is just so much I feel like I have to do but I know I´ll never be able to do it all… I don´t know how to help you back in the states with your problems, and I don´t know how to help the people here in Lima. But there are some really amazing sisters in this mission who have been such a great support for me when I feel lousy and overwhelmed by all of the work (which is like every day, what?). Right now in the mission, we are really focusing on having hope for miracles. I know I just have to strengthen my faith and do everything I can to allow for God´s hand to work down here for these people, just as I pray he will do for you back in the States.

heh heh yeah this week has been a little hard, we are just so busy, but I´m glad I´m here. Yeah, the mission isn´t always a piece of cake, but I have hope and faith that I´m here for the right reason.

All my best wishes and prayers,
Hermana Hollberg




Our final day together!

Our final day together!



This is Hna Hymas who is new to our mission!  She used to read my blog before she came on her mission.

This is Hna Hymas who is new to our mission! She used to read my blog before she came out.




see this Elder's name?

see this Elder’s name?



marker board fun...

marker board fun…





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