¿Ya es diciembre? No puedo crear….

Hey guys!

Hope you all are doing well. I imagine you all are freezing your bums off in the good old North America. I miss the snow. Here, it is starting to get swelteringly hot. And it’s still really humid. Don’t worry Mom, I’m using sunscreen! But this kind of sun is so powerful… It’s unbelievable. It’s sort of incomprehensible to see Christmas trees in every window and be buying ice cream and trying to avoid the sun at all possible costs at the same time.

This week has been pretty good! Yesterday we had a baptism! The woman’s name is Julia. She is sooooo poor; doesn’t have running water, a bed…. nothing. But she wanted to be baptized so we helped her prepare for a few months until her day finally came. Her baptism was beautiful and it was great to see.

I have photos but my camera is dead and it won’t connect to the computer so unfortunately you’ll all have to wait until next week to see them :/ Which brings me to another sad piece of news. As much as this is a complete knife in the heart for me to admit (like really….), I believe that my USB with over 2,000 photos and videos that I have taken has been stolen/lost. Like this is just killing me to admit, I feel like I’ve lost a leg or something. Anyway I don’t want to go into details because it makes me sad but I’m just praying that I just lost it and it wasn’t truly stolen, and that I’ll somehow find it somewhere. I’ve torn apart the apartment though, and in the past I’ve been guarding it with my life but somehow it disappeared from my bag on last Tuesday.   :(   Yaay……. So I can’t send you all of those pictures from the beach.

In brighter news, I had my first dream in Spanish!! Haha, given it was kind of a scary dream, it was nonetheless my first Spanish dream! It’s great to see that I actually am getting somewhere with this crazy fight to learn the language.

The other day we had a Multi zone meeting with 1/3 of the whole mission and we had the privilege and opportunity of getting to hear from one of the Seventy — Elder Waddell. He was a mission president in Barcelona before his calling as a Seventy and he has a pretty interesting accent!!! True Española is so different from the castellano that we speak here. The two forms of Spanish are really regarded as different languages here; not just an accent. But the meeting was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! It was like 7 hours long but every second was worth it.

Sunday was the primary program in sacrament meeting and I just about died seeing all of the little kids get up and sing all of the songs of my childhood. It was so crazy to hear them again, being exactly the same minus in a different language. For example, the song about Nephi — instead of ”I will go, I will DO the things the Lord commands!” the little guys sing ”Yo iré, yo HARÉ lo que manda el Señor!” Aww… so cute!

We got to see the church world wide Christmas devotional last night, too! It was really amazing, right? Especially cool to hear from Elder Rasband!!!

No more time, but I’m doing well here, and all is going fine. The mission is awesome. I think I’m starting to understand why I was called specifically here. But I know it’s something that I’ll be slowly discovering for the entirety of these 18 months in Lima.

I send all my love to you guys! Have a happy Christmas season!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hollberg

Shout out to Hailey, Gramps, Grandma Lois, Sherry, Kathy, Brooke, Natalie, Mike Evans, Suzanne Evans, and Carolyn Evans!!! Thank you so much for the Christmas notes that you sent me this week!



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