This isn’t Kansas anymore‏

I saw Caroline’s picture and thought I’d send this. A real piranha in the house of a member. The amazon river is here in Peru!!



So…. last week I had to leave you guys not knowing where I was going to be, not knowing who I’d be with or what I’d be doing.

Right now, I am in a more southern part of Lima, in a stake called Limatambo. I am opening a sector Barranco, and I am simultaneously training a new sister from Ecuador named Hermana Zumba! Whew!! It’s going to be really hard. We’ve got a lot or work to do.


Our apartment is brand new for missionaries so it has literally nothing… no garbage cans, no plates, no forks, nowhere to put food… So this week we’ve been trying to gather up all of the stuff that we need. The bathroom isn’t really a separate room (just some little half walls that have been put up in the middle of the room that don’t reach the ceiling) and it doesn’t have a door—just a sheet covering the entrance. Also, whoever built the shower must have not been very focused on what they were doing because they used a metal faucet, which means that whatever you do, you’re going to be shocked when you have to use it. Ha. But we’re up high on a second floor so that means no more cockroaches, yay!! :) If I would have moved straight into this apartment when I arrived in the mission, I think I would have been pretty spooked. But it’s fine now because I’m super used to that kind of stuff! Also, it kind of feels like camping!













So the stake Limatambo covers the richest part of Lima — San Isidro, Miraflores, the beach… all of it. But the outsides of the stake are really, really poor. My sector is now called Barranco 2, and it’s got a little bit of both. Our sector goes to the ocean which is nice—albeit it’s super foggy and about 210 times more humid—and on that side there are a TON of white people and it’s so funny to see them, they look so odd and out of place. That whole area is super crazy right with multi-million dollar apartments, and it’s really beautiful. But on the other side of my sector, just ten or so blocks away, everything is super poor. So much more humble than Jesus Maria. Nothing is green, everything is filthy, and when you’re walking down the street you’re literally side-stepping beer bottles, throw up and dog poop. Ay yay yay. It’s also a lot more dangerous than Jesus Maria, which makes me a little worried. We’ve had a couple of spooky run-ins with people who were drunk already, but hopefully everything will be ok. We’ll follow the Spirit. The sector Barranco 1 (the other half of Barranco) is taken by a couple of Elders, and it’s the most dangerous and poor (some roads aren’t even paved) part, so we’re not allowed to walk in there without them. It’s kind of scary. But don’t worry, we’re being safe and everything will be fine!!! It’s all just a good learning experience.





Hermana Zumba is super sweet, diligent and obedient. She came pre-trained! I like those Ecuadorian missionaries. In mission culture, everyone refers to trainers and trainees as family members. For example, Hermana Suqui is my mom, and Hermana Zumba is my daughter. Anyway, it’s crazy because I’ve just got a family full of sisters from Ecuador! I love it. It works out nice because I already know a bit of the Ecuadorian culture, I’m familiar with the differences between her Spanish and the Spanish here, I know what foods she’ll probably like, I know how to understand her accent… Such a blessing for us both! I feel super incompetent to be training, and we’re both lost because neither of us have been to Barranco before but we’re chugging along. Just looking for people to teach. It’s really unusual for someone with less than 6 months to be training, but they had to set me up with her because we had so many sisters come in this transfer — almost every single sister here is training and it’s crazy! Hermana Capps, my companion from the CCM is training too!

One of the little girls I was teaching in Jesus Maria got baptized on Saturday so we got to take a bus and go back to see it. It was really nice, super spiritual, and her whole family got pretty teary. So sweet.


So yeah, that’s pretty much it! Just working my tail off here. I forgot how exhausting missionary work can be. I’m learning how to fall asleep in all kinds of situations. One time, I was able to get some shut-eye on a bus while squashed in-between my companion and some stranger, sitting up and balancing to keep my self from falling over (there was no place to hold on) with a cupcake in my hand. And somehow I didn’t drop it or smear it on my bag. That’s how tired I am… heh heh… But it’s great! missionary work is wonderful! I’m going to get used to changing more so that will be good. Starting from ground zero in this area certainly is a lot of work but it’s incredibly rewarding.

I hope you guys are all well! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me! I always have so much to say but I forget it when I come to sit at the computer and write. I hope that my emails make sense. Anyway, the work moves on!

¡Les quiero a todos de ustedes!

Hermana Hollberg


Getting to eat at a REAL LIVE MCDONALDS!!!!!!

Getting to eat at a REAL LIVE MCDONALDS!!!!!!






Lima has a system of busses that run like subway trains and have stations and all of this cool stuff, called the Metro, and we have to take one whenever we have meetings at the Stake Center.



Also, companies pay to have their logos made into gardens along the highways for advertisements.  It’s pretty!


A very very rich area

A very very rich area; can’t show you pictures of the ghetto.


Looking over Larco Mar.  We're really close to it.

Looking over Larco Mar. We’re really close to it.









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