”The future is as bright as your faith.”‏



(President Thomas S. Monson, ”Be of Good Cheer”, Liahona, May 2009)

I love that quote. Tryin’ to stick to it.

This week has been alright. Barranco is doing great. It’s super hot and real-fruit ice-cream is the name of the game. Yesterday, the whole district had it’s water shut off for maintenance and you’d think it was the apocalypse, if you saw the craze that we saw. We had to fill every bucket, pot and pan, and even our garbage can full of water for reserves, just to be able to flush the toilet like twice.

Cool stories:
This week we saw some real American sodas at the market!!!!  I bought myself a few Dr. Peppers and some A&W root beer to share with Zumba.  Root beer is unlike anything that they have down here in Latin America.  I translated what it meant for her and she got really concerned because she thought it was actual beer.  I kept telling her that I was POSITIVE that it wasn’t but she was still super skeptical.  It was absolutely hilarious.  I caught her reading the ingredients list on the side later, when she thought I wasn’t looking.  When she tried it, she was NOT digging it.  It made me laugh so hard.  It’s just normal old ROOT BEER!  It was delicious.  Zumba is hilarious, I love her.

Ok, so you know how the language in the Bible is a little hard to understand with only one read?  The grammar is just a little twisted and the words are super old from so many translations… etc.  Well, it’s even harder in another language, when you have to read it in Spanish and try to translate it in your brain and it’s all old and.. .ah!  It’s hard.  I can read everything else and not even notice that it’s not in my native language, but when it comes to the bible, I get stumped a lot of times and have to pull out my old English Quad.  Well, one time we were in a lesson and this woman told us that her daughter was trying to convince her that there was no God and she said, ”And how on earth were Adam and Eve supposed to populate the earth if they only had two sons??”  I had no idea where on earth I could find a scripture to back it up, but I was 99.999% positive that Adam and Eve had way more kids than just the two sons.  But I only had my Spanish bible with me and my chances of finding something to answer her question were really low.  For the second time in my mission, I just had to say a prayer in my heart, take a big gulp and open up my Bible to the first page I found.  It landed in Genesis 5 and the very first verse I read said something like ”And then Adam and Eve had a ton of sons and daughters.”  Super direct and super clear.  Holy cow.  Miracles exist.

Things are going great here.  There is a lot of work to do.  Unbelievably, it’s getting hotter and hotter.  It makes you want to do exactly everything in the world BUT work and walk around for miles in the sun.  But it’s ok because everything is worth it seventy times over when someone tells you that they don’t know why, but they just know that the message we share with them is really meant for them, at that moment, in that situationI will walk in the sun for a thousand miles and a thousand days if I have to, just to hear somebody say that at the end of the week.  The mission is worth it.  We see miracles.  We see people’s lives change.  I’m watching my own life change.  You’ve just got to work your tail off to find it!

Love you guys!

Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Hollberg

PS — if anyone has any cool church/spiritual music, send it to me! :)


Ate lunch at this house yesterday that had 50 million pets, including this parrot.  It’s so cool; there are parrots here just like there are pigeons everywhere else.   Sometimes we’re walking in the road and a whole flock of like 30 fly over our heads, squawking like crazy.  Reminds me of my childhood, when I’d hang out with Buddy on my shoulder and he would squawk deafeningly loud in my ear, haha :)

Picture of Hannah with “Buddy”

Hannah With Buddy

CAUSA!!!      I love this food.  Could eat it almost every day.  It is savory yellow potatoes with chicken – Google it.



A baptism that we had in the ward on Saturday.  The elder is Elder Viñoles from Uruguay and we share the ward with him and his companion.



The feet of a poor missionary.  Is it dirt or is it tan?  The answer is a little of both.



We were tired of studying, and Zumba stole the camera!!








She’s the best!!




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