Just call me Hermana Hoover‏

My new red dress!

My new red dress!

That’s what the people are calling me these days. In Spanish it’s really hard to pronounce my last name. I don’t think I even know how to pronounce my last name anymore I’m getting so used to Spanish!!

HAPPY CARNAVAL!!! In Peru, Carnival is the whole month of February. But it’s not like Brazil’s Carnival, don’t worry. It’s just a like a giant water fight in the streets that lasts an entire month. Strangers throw water balloons at other strangers and the goal is to get everyone wet. But now there’s a law in this district that you can only super-soak strangers in the street on weekends. But if it’s people you know like your neighbors, it’s game on. Hermana Zumba and I are going to be keeping our cameras and scriptures in plastic bags.

I think I’ve mentioned that right now we’re living in criminal-ville. Actually it’s not anywhere near the most dangerous part of Lima but there still is a lot of theft. Yesterday we were really sad to hear that our little old landlord got robbed yesterday as he was going to the pharmacy to buy some medicine. It really shook him up and he hasn’t been really talking to anyone. I can’t believe that people have the nerve to rob a little old man in a wheelchair at 12:00 in the afternoon, outside of a Metro station. It’s horrible. Just two weeks ago, his granddaughter who is our age and also lives with us got robbed too just outside of our house. Stuff like that tends to make people a little spooked. But it’s ok because at least the people here know that we’re missionaries and they’re scared that if they rob us, God will smite them. Don’t worry, we’re being extremely safe!!

I forgot to mention that I heard from Hermana Bennett that MARIA PAULA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! We’ve been working with her for practically my entire mission!!! I can’t even tell you guys how happy I am for her! Bennett told me that she said that she knows that it’s true and she’s excited to be baptized. I was so scared that she was going to turn away! It’s always hard to tell with the young’ins because they’re so closed off and they don’t show at all what they’re thinking. There is nothing in the heavens or on earth that can stop me from going to that baptism. If I have to call the president himself to get permission to go to Jesus Maria again, I will in a heartbeat.

This week was pretty successful, we’re finally starting to round up a really great team. We had some really spiritual experiences. Yesterday was kind of a bummer though because we had like a lot of people promise to come to church but nobody showed. But that always happens, so we’ve just got to get used to it, not get bummed out and keep trying.

Here, there are so many stray dogs that wander the streets. About 2 or 3 on every block, really. During the Sacrament itself, one of the stray dogs wandered right into the chapel and started running around. Aw man… Some people tried to catch it as it passed but it was too fast. The bishop had to stand up and tell people to just ignore it and not get distracted. It was certainly a sight! It stayed in the chapel until the end of the meeting.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week! It’s always so great to hear you. You’re in my thoughts and prayers! Take care!!!


Hermana Hollberg

A baptism from Saturday that the Elders had in our ward.

A baptism from Saturday that the Elders had in our ward.


Marcela our Pensionista and her sister Erika

Marcela our Pensionista and her sister Erika




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