End of Transfer 1 in Barranco‏

Me and the biggest Book a' Mormon ever!!

Me and the biggest Book a’ Mormon ever!!

So tomorrow is already cambios (transfers) again!  I can’t believe how fast this transfer has gone.  I’m positive that I’m not changing, so don’t worry.  When we train, we basically have 2 cambios promised together because the training program that we use lasts 12 weeks.

I’ve been doing pretty well this week.  Hermana Zumba and I had our first baptism here on Saturday!  It was pretty cool.  But the whole experience was rather unusual.  The woman’s name is Connie.  We met with her a total of 2 times before her baptism.  She pretty much did everything on her own.  She practically got baptized without us.  I think it was like a tender mercy from the Lord because Hermana Zumba and I were both feeling bad, like we weren’t even doing anything here in Barranco.  Haha but oh well! So basically what happened is she just showed up at the ward one day and she was like, ”Hey, I want to get baptized.”  And we said, ”WHAT?  Ok awesome um wait let’s go to class right now, it’s time for the second hour.”  And she was like, ”I don’t want to go.  I already know everything.”  And we said, ”…Ok! Um but at least like let’s make an appointment to come to your house and talk to you.”  And she said something to the effect of, ”But I already know everything, I don’t want you to come.”  Turns out, she’s super antisocial but she’s got a sweet testimony.  We at least have to check off some stuff with her (make sure that she knows the basics of what the gospel is, what the church is, what the commandments are and what she’s doing), fill out a form and do a little interview with the people before they get baptized.  So we convinced her to let us come over to make sure that she really ”knew everything.”  In the end, she really did.  She showed us her Gospel Principles book and it was marked up and read like crazy!  We passed off all of the 5 lessons and filled out the form in one night.  She had been receiving the missionaries for practically her whole life but had never gotten baptized because she hadn’t felt ready.  When she decided that she wanted it, she just found us and we helped her out!  Certainly an interesting story, haha!

Baptism of Connie

The ward here is extremely small.  Technically, it should be a district.  It’s funny because it’s basically full of all women.  It’s certainly different from the Pueblo Libre ward (my last one, which was all of Pueblo Libre and Jesus Maria and was about exploding with people) but it’s snug and it’s nice.  The Bishop’s wife Marcela (with whom we have lunch 4 days a week — she’s our pensionista) has really become our Mom here in Barranco.  She takes care of us and we try to take care of her in return.  I’m so glad to know her, she has helped us out so much.  And she’s HILARIOUS.  When you guys come down here, I’m definitely taking you to meet her.

Maria Jose (3) and Maria Fernanda (6)

Maria Jose  and Maria Fernanda

Nicknamed MaJo (MAH-ho) (3 years old) and MaFer (MAH-fer) (6 or 7 years old)  they also have a son named Patricio, he is ten.




Playing with Marcela's daughter during lunch.

Playing with Marcela’s daughter during lunch.





A traditional food from the selva (jungle parts of Peru) called “Juanes”.  They’re super delicious.  They’re wrapped in banana leaves.





On Saturday we had a family night with her and we brought one of our investigators, Daniela with us. The Elders from the other half of Barranco came too and brought one of their investigators (who’s getting baptized this saturday) named James.  I made real good old fashioned french toast while everyone watched the movie The Testaments.  People kept asking me what syrup was, but they kept thinking that it’s honey.  Hermana Zumba still tells people that it’s honey.  Oh well.  Haha.  But it was fun.

This girl with Asperger’s that we’re teaching.  Her parents are less actives but we’re helping them reactivate so that they can baptize her.  Her name is Valerie.


Their giant parrot from the jungle.  It named itself and it talks and stuff, but in Spanish!



It was Hermana Callister’s and Hermana Fromm’s birthday the other day so in our zone meeting, we bought a HUGE cake.  And there is a latino tradition practiced here that after we sing happy birthday, the person has to take a bite out of the cake but there is always someone behind them to shove their face into the cake!






Outside our window

Outside our window



Other than that, it’s been work as usual. I hope you all have a great week! Y’all better ENJOY that snow!

Still here,
Hermana Hannah Hollberg






2 responses

  1. i am elder greer…presently serving in the las vegas mission working in the mexican consulate sacando visas para los misioneros en el MTC in provo quien se van a mexico…more importantly to this discussion, i am one of the early elder to work in miraflores and was privileged to open the rama barranco-chorillos in 1962. just thought i would tell you how much i appreciate your pics of the area and your willingness to serve there…i wish you would post some pics of the slums to give perspective on the inequality in lima.

    • Hello Elder Greer!
      I sent your comment to Hermana Hollberg this week and she replied back that that she enjoyed your comment!! She asked me to tell you that she would love to take a picture in the slums but it’s too dangerous; if they brought a camera out they would likely be mugged. But she said if she’s ever in a safe group of people (with the Elders) she might try. :) Thank you for commenting! Good luck in the work you are doing!
      (Sister Hoffman)


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