Happy Valentines Day!

Hermana Zumba and I dressed up for Cambios (transfers)

Hermana Zumba and I dressed up for Cambios (transfers)


At Cambios last week; probably the last time I will see Suqui - she goes home to Ecuador at the end of this transfer.   I'm going to miss that girl.

At Cambios last week; probably the last time I will see Suqui – she goes home to Ecuador at the end of this transfer. I’m going to miss that girl.

I hope you guys all had a lovely Valentines Day!

Barranco is known as the ”district of love” here in Lima. It’s totally an old hippie-ville. We pretty much spent the whole day stumbling around, weeping and feeling bad for ourselves. Just kidding. But all of our fixed lessons cancelled and we couldn’t find a single person to teach all day. Everyone was like, ”Hey can you come back tomorrow or something?” We got to walk with a member though for the whole day and it was nice getting to know her a bit though. We made a huge poster for our Pensionista and she loved it so much!


I forgot to mention that last week we went and served in a soup kitchen! We were just studying one day and we got a call from a member from the Miraflores ward. She told us that she had been serving at this little ”Comedor” for about a year, every week and that they were short on hands. We found out that it was just a few doors away from our house so we told her that we could help her out for a couple hours before lunch. When we walked in, the first thing that we saw was this huge statue of a saint. Both H’Zumba and I paused for a second. We realized the place was extrordinarily catholic. There were some homeless people in a room reciting their prayers in front of some paintings of various virgins, and a few more singing the ”Daily Bread” song before eating their food. We were worried for a moment because we knew that in the mission manual it says that we can’t proselyte outside of churches and stuff for reasons of respecting each other but then we realized that hey, service knows no borders! It’s just service! We’re all here on this earth together! So we went ahead and served. We weren’t trying to teach anybody or hand out Books of Mormons, just good old help in the kitchen. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I just clicked into Caputo’s mode and it felt like I was home, working again. The lady from the MIraflores ward was serving and she heard someone say, ”Those girls are Mormons. I wonder what their boss would say if they knew they were here….” And the woman spoke up and said, ”I’m a member of the church too. We all serve!” And it was really cool. Anyway it was a great experience.

One of our investigators named Daniela will be getting baptized this week! We’re pretty excited for that. She’s really great. We’re kind of struggling with our investigators right now. It’s hard to find people who really want to put in the effort to know the Savior. We’re probably going to have to drop about half of our investigators and less active members this week which is kind of a bummer. But it’s ok. I have faith that we’ll find some more people to teach! We found Daniela our second day here in Barranco. We were walking along the coast, trying to find families to contact and we ran into her. I really hope that everything turns out well and that she can get baptized this week! I’ll let you guys know.

Today with the zone we had the world’s hugest waterballoon fight at the stake center in Limatambo. We probably went through about 800 balloons, no joke. I took a photo before we started playing, but after we went through all of that, we made about 200-300 more. It was the best stress-relieving activity that we’ve had this whole year. It was so crazy because the ground was so hot that even where there were little puddles of water, it felt like a hot tub! It all evaporated in about 2 seconds. I’m sitting here at this little computer, still soaking wet. It was so much fun! Man, I wish we could go swimming!

Take care everyone! Have a wonderful week! Enjoy the lovely winter weather!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hannah Hollberg



Just an hour ago - water balloon fight for P-day!

Just an hour ago – water balloon fight for P-day!




....aaaand.... this is the result.

….aaaand…. this is the result.






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  1. i and my companion opened the branch of barranco hace 52 anos…no hippies there back then…and no water gallons..also…miraflores branch was the first branch i served in…………………..elder greer


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