Quiet week…




We had to spend all day at the clinic today.  We don’t really have any more time left for today which is a bummer but this week has been pretty quiet. My companion has been really sick and we’ve had to go to the hospital about every single day to do tests. We think she has some form of Gastritis, what they say here. I think it means Colonitis in English, but I have no clue. But the poor girl had to have one of those tests where they stick a camera down your throat and look at your stomach. It was really sad. She’s been sick for about the last 3 weeks. Yesterday we spent the whole day in the house.  Also, I had a sore that developed on my pinky toe that had to get looked at and removed today.  Between all these things we are out of time. So the work has been pretty mellow this week.

I’m going to have to tell you about the stuff that did happen next week though. No time. But there were some pretty hilarious things that have happened!

Since we’ve spent so much time in Miraflores at the clinic, we happened to pass a store that is JUST like Caputo’s on 15 but a lot smaller!! I ran in and saw the cheeses and was almost moved to tears of pride when I laid eyes on the proscuitto. It was one of the best moments of my life. I had to buy a tiny bit of proscuitto and d’Affinois cheese, which was one of my favorites. We took it home and I let Marcela and everyone try a little bit and taught them some of what I remembered about it all. :’) so proud

I sure love you guys! Hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Hermana Hollberg

I’m going to download a few pictures really quickly!



d'Affinois cheese

d’Affinois cheese




This is anticuchos — they make them like shish-kabobs made of pieces of cow heart.  Incredibly delicious.  This picture is before they’re grilled.


Marcela and H’Zumba joking around


Sunset on the border of Barranco and Miraflores


We went to a REAL SUBWAY shop today in Miraflores! It was great. Hermana Zumba really loved it and bought an extra foot long sandwich (technically they call it a 30 cm here because they use the metric system) to save and eat tomorrow. It was crazy to be in there again (remember I worked at Subway in Salt Lake for a year). But some of the stuff is different! They don’t have classic American dressings here like they have in the Subways up there — there wasn’t any ranch dressing but there were a couple
of traditional Peruvian ones like crema de aji and crema huancaina.


Detail of a wooden add-on on an old Cathedral in the Plaza de las Armas. It’s a traditional architecture from South America to have these ornate wooden boxes built on.


We ran into this little old woman from Cusco who’s a member and we talked to her for a while. She wanted a photo with us. Maybe the nicest person I’ve ever met. The people from the Selva (jungle) and Sierra (mountains) of Perú are so different from the city people. They’re so innocent and loving, it’s incredible. We chatted with her and her two sons for maybe 45 minutes and she taught us some words in Quechua.



Plaza de las Armas just an hour ago with Hermana Gomez, Hermana Callister.




Statue of Miguel the Archangel in Ovalo Gutierrez in Miraflores


Stray kittens in the street


First photo in the ghetto.  Front door of the house of a member in one of the poorer parts of our ward boundaries.










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