3-24-14: 2nd World Problems — the skin on my guinea pig is too tough to eat…

We ate cuy again! It wasn’t that bad though. I think I’m getting used to being surprised by what people serve us. It kind of reminds me of duck because it’s a bit oily but it has the most peculiar taste… It can’t not remind you of the smell of a guinea pig cage. But the skin is really thick compared to chicken and turkey and it’s kind of like chewing toasted leather….



Cuy round two (last night!)


Oh, by the way, remember the chanfainita story from last week, the food I ate at the temple? I thought it was liver, but it I was mistaken; it was actually cow lung. But I did get the lovely opportunity to try cow liver this week. Let me tell you—it has the weirdest texture that’s kind of like peanut butter where it smears and sticks to the roof of your mouth. FUN!

Speaking of peanut butter, I finally cracked under pressure and bought a little jar. A lot of people say that you can’t find peanut butter in Perú, but it ain’t true in Lima. You can find pretty much everything you need here. It’s expensive though in terms of Peruvian soles at about S/.16 for a little jar, but in US money that’s about $6 so it isn’t too bad for us Americans. Good old Hermana Zumba was slightly revolted by it. She thinks it’s so weird. I made her a good old fashioned PB and J and when I showed it to her, she was like, ”Noooo! Noo!! Not with Jam!! Ahhh gross what are you doing?? Nooo!” We were both laughing really hard. I told her, ”Just trust me! It’s a little bit of America for you.” When she tried it, she ended up liking it though! Of course :)

Things are going well here Barranco. Today is the last day of this cambio (or transfer) and tonight at about 9:30 or 10 pm, we’ll know if we’re staying here in Barranco or going. I’d say it’s about a 50/50 chance that one of us has a cambio. But I’m really happy with my companionship and with this sector now that I’ve really gotten to know it and I really hope that I don’t have to leave already. It has been a pretty difficult cambio but it’s been a lot of fun too. Right now Hermana Zumba and I are teaching two families and we can see a lot of potential in them! The first family (Vega) has 7 members and spans 3 generations. They all came to sacrament meeting yesterday, except the two little old grandparents. We first started teaching them when we arrived in this sector, and there was a point when we were on the edge of having to drop them but something just told us to keep hanging on… We ended up making french toast with them for a little ”service” project and it was a hit. Hermana Zumba and I have really high hopes for them. They all really are just so sweet.

The second family we’re teaching is the family of a recent convert of ours (Daniela) who was baptized about a month ago. She has two daughters (one is 13 and the other is 5), and her husband is a carpenter, but the problem is that he has his own business and he’s gone from 8 in the morning until 8 or 9 at night. We’ve only seen him once, but he loves what we teach and is totally on board with it. Daniela gives him the pamphlets and everything and teaches him what we’ve taught her. YES!! haha. What a blessing. Anyway, on Saturday we went with her and her two daughters to go and visit the temple grounds. We talked to them about an eternal family and the Spirit was so strong.The 13 year-old daughter accepted our invitation to be baptized! But we don’t have a date yet. That’ll come soon.


Going to the temple with a recent convert (Daniela) and her two daughters (Mariana and Sabrina). We walked around the grounds, went inside the waiting room, read some articles and scriptures about how families can be together forever, etc. It was a really spiritual night for everyone.

I love to see the Temple!

I love to see the Temple!


Also, the other day we were walking to meet up with one member when we passed the house of one of our investigators. I saw a woman leaning outside the window and stopped and asked her if her daughter Sara (the investigator) was there. I don’t know why I did because technically we had that member waiting for us around the corner and we didn’t have an appointment with Sara until an hour later, but I asked the woman anyway. She said that Sara had to leave, but she opened the door and talked to us for a while in the front steps. She told us about how one of her sons (Sara’s brother) had passed away young and from cancer just a couple of years ago, and how she was really struggling with his loss. After maybe 30 minutes of talking to her, she confided in us that about a year after his death, she had had a dream where her sun was wearing all white clothes and in a world of pure peace, and that everything was green and beautiful. Her son told her that everything was alright and that he was happy. She told us that everyone thought she was crazy. We shared with her the scripture in Alma 40:11-12. As soon as we finished reading it, she told us that the scriptures had answered one of her lifelong questions, and that before she had talked with some LDS friends about a few things about religion but was never really interested. But when we read that scripture, she said that it had changed her heart and that now she was willing to hear from us and she wanted us to come back and talk to her again. It was really amazing, and even though we were standing outside of her house on the porch steps, with cars passing by every few minutes, there was this spirit of pure peace there in that moment. Luckily, after we had finished talking to her, we received a call from the member who was waiting for us, and she said, ”Hey, I’m so sorry, I was stuck in traffic but I’m arriving now!! Sorry if you’ve been waiting for me!” It was perfect timing!


Anyway, so I guess we’ll see what happens tonight with cambios and everything!


Realamente yo les amo, y oro para ustedes frecuentamente. ¡Recien me di cuenta que nos vemos pronto, in Mayo por el dìa de la madre! :)


Un abrazo fuerte para todos,

Hermana Hollberg 

Family night with the Medina Family where we made banana pancakes.

Family night with the Medina Family where we made banana pancakes.


A pretty park in Surco (we found out that we have a tiny part of Surco in our area.)

A pretty park in Surco (we found out that we have a tiny part of Surco in our area.)







Scariest part of the story — When Hermana Zumba went to kill it, it just disappeared so fast!  We had to go to bed that night knowing that it was alive and  s o m e w h e r e   in our apartment…  We didn’t find it for two or three more days!!!!

IMGP2045[1] (1)


More photos from the Parque de las Aquas (after we went to the Temple last week.)

More photos from the Parque de las Aquas (after we went to the Temple last week.)






Picture from our missionary activity a few weeks ago

Picture from our missionary activity a few weeks ago



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