We Survived the Tsunami!!!‏

I’m sure you all heard about the huge earthquake that there was in Chile on Wednesday. This is how we found out about it: we were teaching this family of investigators about unity when the mom’s cousins and aunts started to call her. Every one told her, ”Turn on the TV, Turn on the TV! There’s going to be a tsunami in Barranco!We paused the lesson and they switched on the television, and the first thing that we saw was a live feed from the very beach just like 2 blocks away from where we were in that moment. The waves were going CRAZY!! The news people told about the earthquake and how it had done a ton of damage in Chile and southern Peru, and said that there was a tsunami warning for Chorrillos, Barranco, and especially Callao because it’s at sea-level. Luckily, here in Barranco we have those famous beach cliffs that protect us.
The HUGE cliffs I was telling you about.

The HUGE cliffs I was telling you about.

But seeing that news feed and hearing everyone panicking and starting to pack backpacks to get ready to evacuate… Oh man, it nearly gave Hermana Zumba and I a heart attack. I called the president and asked him if we should do something. He told us that he thought that everything would be alright (after all, those beach cliffs aren’t messing around), but that he would keep us posted in the night. Any way, we survived the night, and we continue surviving. The only things that didn’t survive here were a couple of sidewalks that got destroyed down at the beach. But stuff is still really rough right now in southern Peru, like Tacna. Poor guys. It’s a humbling time.
Remember how last week I was mourning over those bands that are coming? Well I’d just like to add to my mound of ashes the name of one more band that’s coming — El Tigre. Excuse me while I rent my clothes a little bit.

On Thursday, we had a baptism! The woman’s name is Marialuisa. We’ve been teaching her for our entire time in Barranco. There was a point where we almost gave up but for some reason, we just kept with her. She’s a haircutter and her challenge was that all of her clients always tell her lies about us members from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here’s one — That there’s a colony in the US called ”Utah” where there are only Mormons allowed in, and that it’s where we worship Joseph Smith. Marialuisa is a really sweet woman and all of the different things she’s been hearing has been confusing. The turning point with her was when we decided to do a fast with her. This was when Zumba was sick so it was really just her and I who were doing it. We knelt on the floor in a back room of her humble shop and offered up a prayer, asking Heavenly Father that he would guide his daughter back to Him, and that she would be able to see His hand in her life and recognize the way that He would provide for her. It was such a powerful moment. The Spirit charged the room. When we finished the fast the following day, Marialuisa told us that she had felt something different, and it was exactly what she was searching for. From that moment, she decided to be baptized. We are so happy for her!!! She’s going to do really well. I know that Heavenly Father just loves her because I’ve felt it.

Imagen 003
Imagen 002

The same day as the baptism, we went to visit this less active member but she wasn’t there. I saw some drawings and paintings on the door of one of her neighbors houses and went to look and check them out. Out came the artist and he was pretty cool! We talked to him for a while and gave him a Book of Mormon. In the end, he was like, ”You guys gave me this book, so please let me give you something too.” He gave us one of his paintings!! We had just met him in the street! Like what?? haha it was awesome. But we’re not sure what to do with it. Should we cut it in half and share it? We’ve gotta find someone to frame it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it so I’ll have to send it next week. But it was an abstract painting but it has a lot of detail and I think it’s quite nice.

The other day, Hermana Zumba had to go to Immigrations to do work on her visa stuff. We had to be in the mission offices at 7:15 in the morning to drop her off, and we returned at about 7:30 in the night to pick her up. I did spilts with a ward missionary named Rosangel. It was really fun! She stayed with me the whole day and acted like my companion.

Imagen 006
It was cool because she’s just filling out her papers to go right now. I really thought that she was my companion the whole time, until something would happen (like she would take her phone out) that made me remember that she was just a normal member of the ward. But she’s really great and helps us out a ton. But she downloaded the audio Book of Mormon in portuguese and let me listen to it on her phone and it was SO NUTS!!! NOW I finally understand what RJ and Gerritt have been saying this whole time that the languages are so similar! It was nuts because it’s a language that I’ve never studied but somehow I could understand the majority of it. It was the weirdest feeling EVER! We listened to 3 Nephi 27. It’s kind of like they’re saying the majority of the same words but the alphabet and pronunciation is totally different. And the words that actually are different are only slightly changed. It was crazy to hear. Shoutout to Gerritt and RJ!!!

Also, that night a bird flew into our house. We opened the windows and we thought it went out, but in the morning when Hermana Zumba was showering, I heard a little PEEP-PEEPing going on. Sure enough, the little guy was still there. I tried to help him out but he just couldn’t find the window. I went to gently pick him up just like I do with my baby quails but the wild finch just went and hopped on my shoulder! It was maybe the best moment of my life. I walked over to the window and pointed my shoulder out, and then he flew away and joined some of his little bird friends. Makes me tear up just thinking about it again.

Imagen 014
Imagen 016
Imagen 015 B

Well, this has been an eventful week. I hope everyone’s doing well. If you didn’t watch conference, WATCH IT. Ok, everyone raise their hands if you would like to hear Moses speak. Ok, great. Now, what do you say if I tell you that we have a real prophet today just like Moses. Would you like to hear him speak? Exactly. And that my friends, is conference. I can’t believe I’ve never really understood and appreciated conference before in my life like I do now! Wasn’t it great? My favorites were Elder Holland’s talk, Elder Uctdorf’s, and Elder Bednar.

Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Hollberg

Here are some pictures of things we did this week, and from earlier today!
Cleaning the men's bathroom...

Cleaning the men’s bathroom…


That thing there is like a sausage made out of blood and stuffed into the intestines of a pig!! YUM!!  They eat it with a yam.

That thing there is like a sausage made out of blood and stuffed into the intestines of a pig!! YUM!! They eat it with a yam.


Me and Zumba today in front of the art museum. just before we found out that it's closed Mondays which means that I will never be able to go :(

Me and Zumba today in front of the art museum. just before we found out that it’s closed Mondays which means that I will never be able to go :(


riding bikes in Miraflores

riding bikes in Miraflores


Imagen 034


Imagen 035


Imagen 040


Imagen 041


Imagen 043

Hermana Zumba learned how to ride really fast!!!


Imagen 044


Imagen 046


Playing with some sticky tack instead of planning...

Playing with some sticky tack instead of planning…


Imagen 008


Imagen 011



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