La Semana Santa (Holy Week)‏

From when we went ice-skating last Monday. It was the meltiest, worst ice I've ever been on, and it was crazy expensive, but it was still a lot of fun!!

From when we went ice-skating last Monday. It was the meltiest, worst ice I’ve ever been on, and it was crazy expensive, but it was still a lot of fun!!


Hope you guys all had a happy Easter! From the looks of it, seems like it was great. I was kind of looking forward to Semana Santa because I was like, ”Hey, everyone here is super into remembering Christ; it’s going to be like Christmas round 2!” Turns out, I was half right and half wrong.

Yes, it was like Christmas 2 because school was out for a couple days, all of the stores were closed, nobody was working, everybody stayed cooped up in their houses watching movies on TV, there was nobody out on the street or in buses… but it also wasn’t exactly what I was expecting because it was a bit more morbid than I’m used to. There were a lot of statues of Christ on the cross with blood dripping down his face. There are a few traditions where some people build a giant cross and one person has to walk through the city carrying it on their back while maybe 50 or 100 people follow them. Some people cry during it. I’ve also heard of people taking crosses and dragging them up the hill San Cristobal (remember that one?) literally on their knees. That usually happens in October, though. Not exactly sure why.

It seemed like by Friday night, everybody kind of got burned out from everything and went back to work. I didn’t hear a peep (lol) from anyone Sunday. Nobody bothered to celebrate it. I felt like, hey, it’s kind of like the most important part to remember the Resurrection because Christ lives and continues to work His miracles on the earth! I remember hearing a quote by Elder Holland that goes something like ”The world already crucified Christ. Don’t crucify Him again.” But oh well. Let it be. It’s great that they’re remembering Him and spending a few days to meditate about what He did for us and the example that He gave while here on the earth.

As I mentioned, the Semana Santa movies are a huge deal here. The 10 Commandments, The Passion of Christ, Ben Hur… By the way, has anyone seen the new movie Noah with Emma Watson? I heard that they combined the story of Noah a bit with Abraham and Isaac. Tell me what you guys think.

Right now, fall is coming in. I forgot how cold it can be in the mornings and at night. We’ve started to have to drag our sweaters and jackets out now. But it’s a pain because it still gets boiling hot in the afternoon. It’s been getting really foggy and humid like it does in the winter, but it’s even more so here in Barranco because we’re near the beach. Curiously, the air also reeks like fish every morning. At first we thought it was just because everyone eats fish in Semana Santa but I think it’s just the timing of the climate change. Pretty weird.

This week, on Friday, it was Hermana Zumba’s 20th birthday!! It was so much fun. We had 3 cakes in total. The members were all so nice to us and she had a great day. Even President and Hermana Borg called us in the morning!


Zumba after getting her face smashed into her first birthday cake.

That day there also happened to be a huge ward party. It was kind of like a giant pot-luck. Everyone brought a TON of food in the world’s hugest pots. We played trivia games and volley ball and the Elders hid little chocolate Easter eggs all around the ward building. We had a record number of less active members come and a few investigators too! It was funny because it was supposed to start at 11 AM, because we were going to all eat lunch together, but we arrived at 11:30 and there was literally nobody. Everything was locked up. We didn’t get to start until about 2:30. That’s Peru! That’s how everything always is. Seriously. Everyone jokes here, ”Oh, when does _______ start?” ”At 7:00. But at the Peruvian hour, so like at 9:00 really!”

This week we also got to commit three new people to baptism. One of them is a mother whose husband and 10 year old son are recent converts. Her baptismal date is for May 3rd. The other two are a mother and her 10 year old daughter pair who are super enthusiastic about reading the Book of Mormon, and similarly, the majority of their family are members too. They’re planning to be baptized on May 10th. Hermana Zumba and I both feel pretty good about them; we think that they’re all going to work out! How exciting!

All in all, it’s been a really great week. Pretty goofy, pretty exciting… I am so glad to have such an awesome companion. I’ve now been with Hermana Zumba for longer than any other companion. We’ll be completing 3 transfers together here in about 2 weeks. It’s really nice because we’re completely comfortable with each other and we joke around like crazy. But it makes me worried when stuff is fun because it makes me feel like that means things are going to be hard soon. Oh well. Only one way to find out….!

Hope you guys all had a great Easter weekend! Thanks so much for the support and the emails and the love and the patience! I can’t believe there are still so many of you who are actually reading my blog! Feel free to ask me whatever question that you might have!


Hermana Hollberg



Something to share!

^ this talk changed my life






Hit the 9 month mark on Wednesday!! Sorry Mom, but I had to do this picture. *Cue song ‘Tradition’ from musical Fiddler on the Roof*



Half way!!






Me and Hermana Belt




A beautiful little Peruvian!

A beautiful little Peruvian!





We found a scary wig!

We found a scary wig!


Now I know that I should NEVER dye my hair black!

Now I know that I should NEVER dye my hair black!


Marcela trying to switch out hair.

Marcela trying to switch out hair.




Only in Lima do you find cactuses and palm trees, wild green parrots and vultures hanging out together. This huge vulture was between the size of a chicken and a turkey and had the hugest wingspan… It’s been hanging out pretty often on our roof. When it lands, it sounds like the roof is going to cave in, it’s so heavy.



Eating a little ''almuerzo a la parr-EE-sha''   *Uruguasho accent*  I also taught our pensionista how to make Smores. I don't know why I didn't take a photo though!

Eating a little ”almuerzo a la parr-EE-sha” *Uruguasho accent* I also taught our pensionista how to make Smores. I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo though!


Messing around.  Meet Hermana Zumba!  Those are marshmallows.

Messing around. Meet Hermana Zumba! Those are marshmallows.





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