More Second-World Problems from this week:‏



”I showered out of a bucket today and it was too hot.”

”I poured tap water into my cut to clean it and just realized that it was a terrible idea.”

Oh boy, Hermana Brudnicki and I sure have so much fun writing these down.

This week has been pretty low-key too, with the exception of a couple stories. We’re really just fightin’ out here, contacting like crazy, just walking in the streets all day trying to find people to teach. We’re going through people like wildfire… it seems like there are just so many people who want to hear us talk about Jesus Christ but they don’t want to actually act on the stuff that they learn or do anything with the knowledge that they have. It’s a toughie. Also, this sector is so crazy small that we just turn the same corners every day and walk down the same streets and see the same people. It’s a new challenge. So many lucky people who are in larger missions… We’re really getting cramped here in Lima Central! The President told us in a Multizone meeting that for the next two cambios, we’re going to be recieving about 25 missionaries each cambio and we’ll only be saying goodbye to about 8 or so each cambio. We’re going to have to split some more areas and probably open up a new zone. Everything’s just exploding. I’m putting down twenty bucks that soon they’ll be spitting Jesus Maria because it’s one of the largest sectors in the whole mission and it’s doing pretty well. But we’ll see what happens.

Our District is us and Hermana Brudnicki and Hermana Loayza.  Our Zone Leasers are Elder Paredes from Bolivia and Elder Martinez from Nicaragua. (the person taking the camera didn' say 1-2-3!)

Our District is us and Hermana Brudnicki and Hermana Loayza. Our Zone Leasers are Elder Paredes from Bolivia and Elder Martinez from Nicaragua. (the person taking the camera didn’ say 1-2-3!)





So yeah, right now I’m still hanging around in the district called San Juan de Lurigancho. It’s fun. And pretty dangerous. Sometimes scary stuff happens. Oh man, I almost forgot: two nights ago, we were walking home from our last appointment and we passed this guy who looked like he could have been homeless. Hermana Castillo is super compassionate and that kind of stuff just breaks her heart so she reached into back and was just about to pull out a banana that she had just bought to give it to him but right as he passed us, I saw his eyes dart to her and out of nowhere, he threw a punch at her. She ducked just in the nick of time. The guy just kept walking. It was so crazy. We just started running. Out of nowhere!! And she was about to give him food! Whatever. Also, my camera got stolen but I don’t want to talk about it. Long story short, I still have my memory card though. It was a tender mercy. Honestly. I don’t think I could take losing everything again. I’m using the old camera again that RJ gave me but it’s 1/2 broken, the poor little old guy. It can’t focus sometimes. So I’m not going to be sending that many photos this week. Sorry kids.

But the area that I’m in is relatively tranquil. I think there are sisters in even sketchier areas. So I can’t complain.

More fun facts about S.J.L.

1. The world’s second most dangerous penitentiary has it’s home here
2.  It’s the largest district in Lima  (the city is broken up into districts, like Barranco, Miraflores, Breña, Magdalena, Pueblo Libre, Jesus Maria, etc.). It’s been quite a hoot. It’s harder though because if we need to get anywhere in the city, we have to get up crazy early to take a bus because we’re just so far away from everything!
Huh, that’s weird, I can’t think of more than two. Oh well. I’ll think of more later.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, the Area sent all of us missionaries in North East South America (is that written right?) a new challenge — every month or so, they send us a list of members in our ward boundaries who have been inactive for a billion years. They send us the lists so we can go and visit the address and verify if the people still live there or not. It sounds like fruitless labor but it SO is not. It comes with a promise from the Area presidency. And I have to say, we have found a lot of our new people to teach though fulfilling this simple duty. One of them is a women named Carmen who owns a tiny little restaurant just near our house. We found her and got to talk to her a while. She told us that she got baptised in 1986, but had to work on Sundays and eventually stopped going to church and kind of forgot about her testimony. After many years passed, the Jehova’s Witnesses started coming by and visiting her and giving her lessons. She’s been receiving lessons from them for the past few years. She told us that she liked what they had been teaching, but she didn’t really remember much about our church.

In that first lesson with her I knew that it was a super crucial moment. If we said anything wrong and blew it, it would be over. Hermana Castillo and I were just praying in our hearts that we would say the right things that wouldn’t offend her or make her feel bad, but that we could help her remember how she felt and why she got baptised in the first place and that would make her feel happy. It was SUCH a spiritually powerful lesson. It was incredible. In the end, after about 45 minutes of talking to her and listening to her story, she told us, ”You know, I remember my baptism like it was yesterday. It was amazing. I felt something that I’m never ever going to forget. I know that Heavenly Father accepted the covenant that I made with him.” She told us that after all, she knew deep down that it was all true. She was really excited to come to church this sunday again! But she said that she was scared of what to tell the JWs the next time that they passed by. She told us that they had been trash talking us and everything.

The next time we had an appointment with her, we taught her the Restoration lesson but halfway through, we saw a JW missionary come to the door. Carmen’s non-member sister got up and was like, ”Hey can you come back later? We have some people visiting with us right now.” Then the JW saw us and I don’t know what she said but she kind of insisted to come in and sat down in the corner listening to us, waiting for us to finish talking to Carmen. I wasn’t intimidated by her but I was just really scared that she was going to try to start Bible bashing with us or something or trying to fight over Carmen. We did NOT want to be a part of a conflict and we were trying to be super respectful and everything of them and everything, so we just let her be. In the end she just left. We’ll have to see what happens tonight — we have our next appointment with Carmen at 7!

Anyway, that was my week. Out of time!

Watch this incredible video!!

Love you all! Espero que estèn bien!!

Love, Hermana Hollberg


This crazy dog that lives right outside of our house and is super cute. She just needs a little tie and she could be a little missionary! it looks like she’s wearing a white shirt. but she’s wild and never holds still. her name is Pilula









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