Hoy NO ES P-DAY, and I’m feeling it.‏ (From Hannah’s 10-6-14 email)

A woman gave me a little pocket copy of the new testament + psalms and proverbs and it's actually really handy!

A woman gave me a little pocket copy of the new testament + psalms and proverbs and it’s actually really handy!


We just came back from lunch and we ate one of my favorite foods, which is called Carapulcra. It’s really awesome but it’s also really heavy and it’s one of those foods where you need to sit down and go into a food coma for a while after you eat…. hmmm… Which is lousy because today we get to work like normal, yay!!! It’s not p-day because we’re going to the temple as a zone on Wednesday. So I can’t rest until then. Oh well.


This week has gone pretty well. There’s not really too much to report, actually. Ok, so this is what happened about conference:


So every year at election time, Peru has this crazy rule where it’s illegal to have public meetings, and if you don’t vote, you get fined like 75 soles, which is a lot down here. Vote day is always Sunday, which means that there aren’t church meetings by law. Well, this year we had the luck to have vote day on general conference day, which meant that nobody could go to the stake center to see the sessions. So what the church did was just pretend like nothing happened and they’re going to broadcast it again on Saturday and Sunday specially for Perù because nobody got to see it, unless they were able to watch it on the internet, but that was only a very small number of people out of the whole population of members in the country. So yeah! On Saturday and Sunday we were supposed to work like normal. We didn’t see the first Saturday session but in the end, we were invited by different members to see the other three sessions. It was really great! We all loved getting to see a couple of the talks in Spanish. It was nice not having a translator! (All of the rest of the talks, we had to listen to in Spanish with a translator, of course.) It was cool when the Brazilian guy talked too—I kept thinking of RJ and Gerritt and how cool it is that conference is turning into such a global event. The Lord is hastening his work! I loved the talks and I saw a definite theme about charity and following the prophet. It makes me worried, like I think to myself, ”Ok world, what’s going to happen to you this year?” Oh boy. But we’ll get to see it all over again next week so I’ll get double church talk blessings! Score!


Spending an afternoon with Pia Castillo, the area advisor, as my companion as we visited a ward in Condevilla. (Hermana Capps had to stay down in Magdalena to be able to go to ward council.) We had to wing an activity and teach together but it went really well! She is so prepared for anything (obviously).



This week we’ve just been visiting around like we normally have to other zones. We’re starting a new system of organizing family history work within each area/sector in the mission, and we’re trying to persuade President to add a key indicator about how many recent converts or reactivated members have gone to the temple each week. Things are finally getting going here in Peru Lima Central about family history, and right now our problem is organization and a way to measure our success. But overall we’re really pleased with how everything is turning out. Bit by bit, our calling is becoming more and more enjoyable as we’re getting the hang of things.


Tomorrow we have our first Mission Council where all of the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and the Assistants have a meeting with the President and Hermana Capps and I are both really nervous for it…. ah! I’ll let you know how it goes.


And that’s pretty much it! Like I said, not too much to share this week. Anyway, time is short (as always) but I sure love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! I can’t believe that so much is happening back there with you guys! You sure make me proud! Man, our family is sure spread out right now, if you think about it! Crazy stuff! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


Love, Hermana Hollberg


Having fun, seeing the first Forever 21 in Peru open up last week. In our ward boundaries!!! yesss. That was a fun p-day. We also went to Barranco and ate lunch out there!



Ward activity on Wednesday. Minute to Win It! It went really well. I got some priceless videos of people jumping around and stuff.



Collecting soda caps for a ward activity. I made a Utah!



Up in an apartment building on the beach at night, listening to the waves.





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