My Thoughts About Women and the Priesthood:

12 September, 2014


I was thinking a lot more about how someone can explain this topic and I had some new ideas to write down. Whenever I’ve taught that the gospel blesses families, I’ve always said that God loves us to much that He has sent us here in teams.  He didn’t drop us off alone to fight and fend for ourselves against all form of temptation, but He set us up with specific others that have qualities, talents and even weaknesses that complement ours.  If I have a certain weakness, maybe I can make up for it by learning from the example of my parents, or my sister, or even a grandparent.  My growth from seeing them will not only edify me, but it will help me change and become molded into more of who my divine nature says that I can become.


In the same way, I can help those around me by using my own strengths and positive characteristics to help them improve.  It’s a balance.  See Ether 12:27.


27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.


Now we know that for us truly to progress, we have to pass through this part of the Plan of Salvation – out life on the earth. For this to work out, we need two big jobs done here by the children of God in order to help the process out and allow each one of us to be tested and given the opportunity to accept Christ.


First, these spirits need to come into the world, receive a body, grow in light and truth, learn the gospel and learn how to make good decisions (agency). Then, they need to put off the natural man and make and keep covenants with God in order to ensure that they can get off this planet ok and pass on to the much greater things that He has prepared for us once we’ve progressed.


In order to ensure that each son or daughter is involved, they are given a role and a part of the picture. This ensures that nobody is left out and forgotten, and that we all have opportunities to serve and help others to return to live with God again.


Women are given the keys and responsibilities of the first part, and men are given that of the second.

Women are given the power to have children and to nurture and raise them with their set of spiritual gifts, and men are given the power of the Priesthood to be able to teach, lead, and perform saving ordinances with their own set of spiritual gifts that will allow them to return to the presence of God after they have been tested.


To further ensure that we work together so that together we might achieve exaltation, this life has been set up in the way that families can’t be formed without both a mother and a father, and that a man cannot receive the highest order of the Priesthood without being sealed to his wife. Neither can fulfill his or her role without the other.


In this sense, “neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord” (1 Cor 11:11). Both responsibilities are completely crucial in the Plan of Salvation, and the great purposes of Heavenly Father can’t be achieved without the two working together.


If women had the power of the Priesthood, they would be able to do everything needed, and men would be left aside and forgotten. Likewise, if men were able to have families by themselves, women would be left alone, helpless to serve and to be remembered.  THAT is what I call true inequality, and that’s not what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about.


God has given the two roles to be fulfilled by two genders so that they may edify, perfect and take care of each other. Both roles are equally honorable and important, and men are not the Priesthood, nor are women only family-making machines.  We all have a divine nature and a sacred calling to help this perfect plan be fulfilled, that will allow us to live with eternal joy and with those who we truly love.  :)