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  1. My son Elder Keaton Maxfield left on the same day as you for the Mexico MTC. I think he was the one you talked about placing a Book of Mormon with the lady in the Atlanta airport. Here is part of his letter: “We were all sitting in the Atlanta airport and I had the strongest feeling that I had to go talk to this lady that was sitting by herself waiting for the flight to Mexico City so… I did, and we started talking about the church! I asked her if she had anything to do during the plane ride and was super excited when she said no because then I got to talk to her about the Book of Mormon! the spirit was SO strong while I was talking to her and I asked her if she would read it if I gave her a copy and I promised her it would change her life if she did! Well, she accepted it and asked for my missionary email so when she finished it she could email me and let me know what she thought! I know she wasnt saying that just to get me to stop talking because she continued to ask me questions about the gospel and the look in her eyes was of PURE EXITEMENT!!! The spirit took over the conversation because she was asking me deep questions that I didnt even think I knew but words just kept on coming to my mouth and we ended up talking for well over an hour!!! I cant wait to see what happens with her!!

    What got me reading your blog was from a Google search of the Mexico City CCM. Your site was one of the first to come up. I quickly looked at the pictures you have posted becasue my son has not filled in too many details of the MTC. In your most recent entry you talked about the missionaries getting sick. My son was one who got really sick and in his email today he said he found a cockroach in his beans. I am sure you were talking about my son and so I looked closer at the pictures, but did not find any with him in the background.

    It was nice to read your blog and learn more about what the missionaries are experiencing there in Mexico. You are a talented writer, and I appreciate your detail.

    Eric Maxfield
    Draper, UT

    • This is Hannah’s mom; I just noticed your comment. It was so nice to read and I always enjoy connecting with other parents. I’m sorry to hear your son was one of the ones who got sick. I forwarded your comment on to Hannah (so far she hasn’t been able to see the blog while at the MTC but that might change in Lima.) Where is your son going? – he probably has left Mexico City by now, as has Hannah.

      • He is in the Rancagua Chile mission. He has grown so much in just the few months as a missionary. Most of his emails talk about the miracles he has been able to witness there in Mexico. He has written about giving his first priesthood blessing and witnessing the tender mercy of our Father in Heaven. He has testified of the power of fasting and prayer, then being guided by the Spirit in acting on promptings. He has witnessed the tender sacrifices of the missionaries and seen how they strengthen each other. I have to admit that when I read his weekly email, that tears freely flow as I read them. This is not out of pride. They are tears of gratitude the Father in Heaven has blessed my son with these wonderful experiences. I am sure you share the same feelings. These missionaries have prepared in their youth to serve the Lord. Many will come to know Him through their humble service.

        Your daughter has a wonderful talent as a writer. She has helped fill in the details of life in the MTC. I can tell that she loves The Lord and will be able to change the lives of many while serving as a missionary in Peru.

      • What a nice message. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and experiences of your missionary. I agree that it is amazing to see the blessings and growth that come to them as they serve. Best wishes to your son!


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